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Nike Kobe8 series of the most technological of basketball shoes, what the kobe 8 which focused on the speed, stability and accuracy, insight, comprehensiveness flag resolution.
Nike Kobe 8 by Eric Avari Nike sports shoes creative director, led the design team designed and Bryant joined my opinion. Through a comprehensive analysis of Nike Kobe Bryant on the court dribble, breakthrough, jumpers and other movements and habits, into the latest shoe technology Engineered Mesh, provide a comprehensive and effective protection in a tightly wrapped Bryant foot, while the upper to create a minimum, weighs only 9.6 ounces basketball shoes. Bryant eight generations in the design concept of the continuation of the previous generations, who demonstrate aggressive shoes serpentine pattern inspired by Kobe Bryant kobe viii on the court to draw on the incarnation - the Black Mamba.
Next we have to look at Nike Kobe 8 System Elite midsole technology, Zoom Air cushion around the palm regression seems to feel that this is the only authentic Kobe boots. Compared to the previous Nike Kobe 8 System forefoot some flimsy Lunarlon midsole, Zoom Air's return is like injecting a shot in the arm, in the most central location to reach the top of the dress treatment. Wearing rigid forefoot Zoom Air feelings implanted on the basis has been significantly improved. Wanton grappling with the stadium, elastic feel enjoyment level reached between take-off landing. And before Nike Kobe 8 System comparison, the overall feedback from the midsole is comfortable when in contact with the ground, the foot Nike Kobe 8 System Elite combat on top of the venue, which is more appropriate to enjoy a description.
The death of a kobe 8 for sale deadlock in the shoes feet, seemingly low-profile carbon fiber implants, but it plays a rock solid heavyweight Paul. Like put on armor heel at this time became very powerful. Throughout this pair of Nike Kobe 8 System Elite overall change visible the secret lies, make up vamp weakness, save and comfortable feeling while wearing the implant Kevlar® dynamic fly line with Kevlar fiber material to make it extremely powerful. Into the tonic midsole cushioning technology, Zoom Air Kobe Bryant's return is authentic boots, this intuitive feeling, I believe more than one person kobe 8s has compared to respond faster Zoom Air will bring more quality slow shock effect. Carbon fiber implants like upper body armor, reach more superior protection performance in critical heel lock feet. Comprehensive upgrade of Nike Kobe 8 System Elite predictable, but Bryant has already left the field, but I believe this is only a brief one another, in the hope that Bryant's injury can recover as soon as possible, I hope the Almighty Flying Man still able to basketball court interpretations belong to his kingly, this site needs a hero's return, for our common hope.